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Links in North America
Highland Pony Enthusiasts Club of America
National Pony Society of America
Circle H Highland Ponies (British Columbia)
McClellan Highland Ponies - HPs in California.
Lone Tree Farm (California) (new HP owners in MA)

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Native Pony Magazine
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, OK State University
Royal Highland Show
American Livestock Breeds Conservancy

World HP Links (Site in Poland)
Highland Pony Society of Australia
Belgain Highland Pony

A Great Day: Roddy & me at our first Combined
Training event in 2008.

Links in the UK
Highland Pony Society
Fourmerk Highland Ponies

Carlung Highland Ponies
Achnacarry and Craigiebrig Highland Pony Stud
Kirkcarrion Highland Ponies

Highland Pony Enthusiasts Club
Blair Castle Trekking Center

Lochlands Highland Ponies

Trailtrow Highland Ponies
Talisker Highland Ponies
Strathspey Highland Ponies
Holmedown Highland Ponies

Ormiston Highlands (where our stallion was bred)

Our stallion, Roderick of Croila.
Photo by Jody Ciliberto

Lake Prince Farm - a friend of mine trains & shows American Saddlebreds. It's really been cool to learn something new - I had never been around the Saddlebred show world. The owner, Bill, is very talented as a trainer and just an inspiration to watch work his magic.

We're Dog Lovers too!
North Forest Bullmastiffs

My friends George and Barbara Clardy are raising GoldenDoodles - Poodle/ Golden Retiever crosses - in PA Barleycroft Golden Doodles

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